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Roadway Design Changes

As a result of public input and additional engineering analysis, revisions were made in 2013 to the original roadway design that improves safety for drivers, improves bicycle and pedestrian facilities, reduces construction time, decreases construction costs and enhances roadway design. These changes make the project more financially feasible and easier to construct as well as provide amenities to the adjacent neighborhoods.

Here are the some of the significant changes:

1. Bicycle Lanes on Frontage Roads

A new bike lane will be added to the frontage roads on each side of the project to provide improved access for cyclists. By reducing the car lane width to 11 feet, new 5-foot wide bike lanes will be striped along the entire length of the project. The on-road bike lanes allow for uninterrupted, continuous, multi-modal mobility and also comply with criteria for urban frontage roads. 

2. TechniCenter Drive 

The intersection at TechniCenter Drive is being removed in the new design. As proposed, southbound drivers will have an opportunity to use the Bolm Road exit ramp and make a u-turn (non-signalized Texas u-turns) at Boggy Creek in order to access eastbound TechniCenter. Northbound drivers can exit at the MLK Blvd exit ramp and make a u-turn at Boggy Creek in order to access westbound TechniCenter.


3. Bolm Road 

The overpass at Bolm Road is proposed to be removed as part of the roadway design change. This change makes it safer for drivers by reducing weaving and turning movements from the ramps as well as removes the visual barrier between the Govalle Johnston and Knollwood neighborhoods. Also a non signalized u-turn has been added south of Boggy Creek. 

4. Patton Ave.

An overpass at Patton Ave. is being added to provide additional circulation and access for drivers. This change will also provide convenient and safe access for travel from 183 southbound to Callahan's

5. Direct Connectors at SH 71

The project is adding two direct connectors to the Bergstrom Expressway. A direct connector that links east bound SH 71 to northbound Bergstrom Expressway and a southbound direct connect that links to SH 71 West are included in the roadway design. 

Direct Connectors at SH71 West

 Other roadway design changes include:

  • Additional hike and bike trailheads
  • Protection of large oak trees south of Montopolis Drive
  • Reduction of the number of tolled lanes south of Montopolis Drive
  • Use of traffic barrier on only one side of the median
  • Redesign to avoid major utilities